Motorhome Glass Replacement

RV Windows:

All exterior window glass in RV is dual-pane insulated glass. These type of windows are prone to seal failure just after the 5 year warranty period is up. What begins to happen is the collection of humidity in the form of fogging inside your RV’s window to the point where your visibility is impaired. We get many people who can’t safely see out of their driver’s side view mirror because of fogging problems in their RV’s windows. Once the moisture is in there it can not be wiped off.

RV Windshield Replacement:

Motorhome Winshield Replacement Orange County, California

Motorhome Winshield Replacement for Huntington Beach and all of Orange County, California

RVs, by design, have a lot of large glass windows and large windshields up front. Because they contain a lot of square feet of glass in an almost vertical position they are prone to being chipped or cracked by rocks and other debris from the roadway.

If your RV’s windshield has developed a chip you should have it repaired before the stresses of driving your RV causes the chip to become a crack. If your RV has developed a crack you should have the windshield crack repaired immediately so that it does not get any longer. Cracks in your RV’s windshield up to 14” can be repaired. Longer cracks will necessitate replacement. Repair early because replacements are expensive.

RV windshields come in either split or one piece designs. The split designs are actually stronger because the piece of glass is smaller but they have more gasket area that needs to be clean, free of rust and in proper repair so that the new windshield installs with a watertight seal.

Some RV companies have had rust problems with their windshield to the point where they issue factory rust repair kits with tips and instructions on how to deal with this. Fleetwood and Winnebago are two brands that we see having rust in their windshield caps and other manufacturing-related problems with their windshields.

We have decades of experience dealing with all types of RV windshield repair situations and have worked on literally every make and model of RV, motor home, camper van and camper. If you need an expert in RV windshield replacement call New View Auto Glass at 714-890-1347 for immediate assistance.

Camper Glass Replacement:

Camper shell glass is different. In the cases where camper shell glass needs to be replaced we will need to make an exact match pattern and send the pattern out to have a custom piece of glass made to fit your camper. This is owing to the huge variety of camper shell glass: no one could profitably stock all the varieties that exist.

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