Window Motor Repair

Power Window Motor problems can serious detract from the usability, comfort and re-sale value of your car.

Are you having problems with your power windows? Do your power windows stick when moving up or down? Maybe you rolled your power window down and it won’t come back up at all! Well New View Auto Glass offers free diagnosis for power windows, power window motors and the regulators that control them. That’s right, we don’t charge labor until actual power window parts are replaced.

Power window parts, motors and regulators are dealer parts and thus subject to dealer prices and availability. If you don’t have the funds currently we can fix the window in the door in the up position.

If you want to provide the power window parts, either from a dealer or from a pick-a-part type outfit, we can install and charge you labor only.

One issue is that power window regulators can stop functioning but the power window and window switch continue to function. A problem arises because the power window motor and regulator are one mechanical assembly and cannot be split and they are expensive.

If your side window has ever been shattered be sure that your auto glass shop vacuums out all of the shattered glass particles to insure that the power window mechanism and motor are kept clean and functioning at 100%.

Warning: this is not a problem that can be easily ignored as regulators, once one goes out, the load and wear on the others is increased.

Tip: if you have the frame-less glass type of door never push or pull on the glass of the car door window itself to close or open it. This will only lead to premature where and can put the glass out of alignment which can lead to wind noise and a less than water tight seal.

Keep your power windows clean and free from sticky materials like tree sap, coffee and soda. This can get carried down into the power window motor mechanism, collect dirt and cause problems over time.

If you’re having power window motor problems call 714-890-1347 for immediate assistance.